Zen Woodland Painting

Enjoyed a spur of the moment decision to paint in the trees at the edge of my yard this Friday afternoon. Brought my portable card table, always ready to go paint box, and canvas, oh yes and glass of wine, joined by my grand do, Finn.  The new technique I used was a squeegee!. Lots of fun. The selfie video was unsuccessful.  The blue watery effect reminded me of Monet's Water Lily series. So I named it Homage to Monet. 

Virginia WorkHouse Art Center


Just moved to Woodbridge area from Syracuse, N.Y.  Was missing my Art Guild buddies in Syracuse, so I headed out to the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton for their Second Saturday Arts event. Fascinating place, with friendly artists, and fantastic artwork!  Karen Chin,  an artist volunteer was so helpful at the Arches Gallery explaining the process to apply for membership and join the group. Hopefully this artist has found a new home to connect with other artists and show my artwork. Another bonus!!! I got a call later in the evening that I had won the raffle -- a beautiful handmade ceramic vase from one of their many talented artists.  Good times!!